9:55 pm
Sunday, 28 July 2013
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One year. Four months. 5 days.
Dusting off those cobwebs and dust. Giving some clarity again.
That's approximately how long its been since i put up the last blog post.
Not much has happened since. Hopefully inside i have grown a little, in terms of my sense of awareness. My sense of being. And sense of truth.
One thing is going to be definite. It could be called a leap of faith, idiocy for some. Amateur childish behaviour, irresponsible girl woman (half/half? ).  These are the words my second unforgiving self who will find guilt and negativity behind my every decision and action. But ..
At this moment, i feel static. Past 2 years, ever so static. Asking the same questions over and over again .. Why am i really here? Why don't i belong? I guess when the time feels right, i will ask the right question. What that question may be, i don't know yet. I know there don't have to be the right answers.
To keep my sanity, it will be nice to pen down something. I find it wonderfully therapeutic the sound of the keys.

Next Tuesday, how will i really feel?