5:21 pm
Tuesday, 26 July 2011
so much
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so much has happened since i last updated this blog ..

possibly my last Malaysian night in belfast~

celebrated my 18th cough cough* birthday hehe

passed medical school, which i never ever thought
was possible for myself.

Finally became a real doctor!
(still a junior one of course)

said goodbye to Belfast and friends ...
and went back to the world of FOOD!

got to be acquainted with zizi here.. =)

and met up with best friends and old friends!
this was the one holiday i met up with so many of em ~

did i mention i makan alot of my fav foods!!hehe
i wana eat banana lim lai again =(
had a go with oil painting .. which i loved

Attended my graduation ceremony.
cen see my father there in the background? =p

And obtained my degree! =)

it was a beautiful weather indeed!

got to travel abit, and went to le tour eiffel. ...
which legend was deemed true.
somehow romantic and beautiful.

met up with so many old friends ..
and finally met new ones as well.
shifting into wigan, starting new work in wigan, making friends in wigan.
so much has happened since i last posted a blog post.
wigan, i am wondering what more you're about to offer! hehe