1:58 pm
Friday, 25 February 2011
swot fashion show round 3
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SWOT fashion show 2011!
was quite anticipating this, as i wonder what they
would come up with this year round. ours was gooooood,
intro was good and all,but just the way we did it was ..frustrating.
it could have been the best fashion show with the best people involved.
however, this time round, every choreographer had their say, and
it was refreshing to see what each and everyone of them
had to offer for the fashion show.. for real now!
especially Hannah.. omg. i love her Commander!!! AMAZING!

the main person ..SUISSE!
she was the best dancer up there lor.

charlie's angels.. approve!

before the show started.
me n yiwern!

yi wern, me, jay.

the two stooges.

i thought the skeleton bit was interesting!
could've been longer.

guess who!

"OH OH!"

Pok 'er face!

show started with Sway.

Beautiful nightmare ..?

Adorable face!
and bruno mars behind ther.

i love her hair!

Hannah! amazing! she was the sexiest too. =p

"dhoom ba cha leeee"

finalized the show with strippers/rowers.
abit over the top, but still fun! =p

can't wait. i need to get away.

11:17 pm
Wednesday, 23 February 2011
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afterparty from suisse's swot fashion show!

congrats dearieee
more photos coming soon =)
5:54 pm
Monday, 7 February 2011
a very good chinese new year
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t'was a good cny eve!
mainly because i found out i passed
my part 1 on that day! ah bliss.. and
then after, went for reunion dinner with
the people+favourite people of belfast.
plus, its bunny year this year!!
t'was a good one indeed.

big smiles!

me n yiwern are rabbits! but not suisse! =p

fav girl

pat also deco the house to give it a more cny feel.

yummy steamboat!

rabbit ears*

loh loh loh, to pass the 2nd exam!
(why everytime just think about exams, tsk)

last cny in belfast ..sobs.
how i will miss this cny.