2:15 am
Saturday, 27 November 2010
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went christmas market today.
but went there with a sore tummy..
but smart alec me, still wanna eat all those foodssss
i had paella, and churros.
yummy delicious churros dipped in choc nutella
when i actually wasnt that well.
lying here with an even sorer tummy now.

what to do. don't think i wil be going bak to christmas market
soon. i will ga yau study study study this weekend!!!
i must! next week starting with cardiology specialty,
and i heard the consultant there are evil.

it snowed a lil, hailed a lot.
won't be wearing sunnies much i guess.
(just an excuse to put a picture of me)
9:10 pm
Monday, 8 November 2010
a new year
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tis' a new year.
feels like that for me.
a new year, to be a better person.
to be kinder.
to be less emotionally attached.
to stop opening my heart so easily.
to start opening my eyes.
to be less tired all the time.
less blur. less dumb.
to get my priorities right.
to study study study.
to graduate and not disappoint my parents. and myself.
i will become a doctor in half a year's time.
time to splash some sense into me. time to wake up.

8:59 pm
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You think you're loving but you don't love me..