4:10 pm
Saturday, 11 September 2010
dgn rakan karibku dari sekolah menengah bermain-main photobooth =p
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9:46 am
Sunday, 5 September 2010
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ages since i pen down in this blog.
the enthusiasm n drive of updating is really going down.
but guess its nice when i actually do have the time only then
i'd feed more updates..rather than feel d obligation to update
for the sake of it.

anyways. been in New Zealand, Auckland to be
precise for my elective. from the start to end, its been
quite a rollercoaster of meetups and faces. and emotions.
i can still remember goin to James 1 and half years ago with intention
of the possibility of carrying out my elective here.. knowing
that it might be the ONLY time i can ever meet up with
my closest friends ... before years later, when we
will only see each other if each of us wed.

had many memories weaved since i touched down.
wonder where should i start.

our first dinner in Joy. Thai restaurant.

being a witness to James auditions.. congrats for
being in the Footloose musical! so proud & happy for u!! =D

meow meow. the trigger to my inhibited obsession ...
Bubble tea!

with James.

the delicious Korean BBQ. but oozing with
the smells after that. had to take off all clothes before
going into the room .. its that stinky!

dressing up for Romeo & Juliet musical with Beeling.

surprise surprise!! my lovely sister came to visit
Auckland. conquered some places together! =D

i feel complete.
mui came to visit too!

Got to celebrate Beeling's birthday. guess what the theme was ..?
Pink, her fav colour. its always fun to have a theme eh.
must do that for my birthday! =p


a day out at Mission Bay.

pokey with the girls =)

jumpy with Keeping!

lovelies ...

a must have jump when ur at the beach.. which tak jadi! hehe

will miss the nights of board games:-
Cluedo, Monopoly, Anti-Monopoly.

and rounds of Cho tai ti.
sorry lar i cannot play bridge =p

the whole bunch.