12:41 pm
Sunday, 30 May 2010
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obs n gynae halfway.
babies delivered = 3
caesarean-section assisted = 2
knowledge = nil!
i will start studying after this post ..okok,
after i rest for a while too .. =p

beautiful weather now ... lovely!! just went
for Mad Hatter Coffee Shop for lunch with
jeng n pat.. bannoffee pie is yums!

pursuit something i always wanted but never
thought i could yesterday ..
and i feel a sense of contentment! weee!! i
hope to have more opportunities like that .. =)
btw, someone's got a website of their own.
jay's own photography website!
----------> click me <------------

3 weeks to obs n gynae exam

4 + weeks to osce
4++ weeks to amsterdam trip
5 weeks to flight home!! can't wait.
and a while aft that to elective in auckland
miss my mei, mum, dad, nany, kak, son, son-in-law =p

a string of hopeful things it seems. if all
goes as planned .. fingers crossed*

a farewell dinner for jeng n jia li.
mourne seafood best. guess who ordered lobster? =p