10:52 am
Sunday, 23 May 2010
happy birthday to myself! ( 2 weeks late )
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boohooo yes i am getting older ..
i don't like this
and i don't feel any wiser .. okok, maybe
a tiny bit. this year's birthday has been,
loads of fun, loads of love.
i learn to be appreciative of here & now.
and that is always a big thing to learn.
last birthday wit a couple of my most fav ppl as well..
(jeng & jia!!! WAHHHH)

surprise! (?)

jeng haw!

the cake was heavenly sinful ... bake
another one soon yeah! hehe

highlight = sushi + salmon

birthday not complete without
one celebration with the belfast ppl! =p

yes! i am getting stronger! i can finally 'down'!
and only be 4 mins out of it .. =.=

cheers to kent, julian, francis!
(their BBQ is awesomeee)


me & fourth years!
linfoong, tasing, veronica

my beautiful daughter, suisse!

lengchai waiters bringing in the birthday cakes!
a fb comment/conversation :

Min : Yer. Why need two cakes one. Fatty fatty boom boom

Me :one cake not enuf for the number of candles ... boohoooo.. fat & old i am! =p

Min :Old maybe la, but fat- not even possible. That is my birthday wish to you. Haha.


yummy strawberry

opening present with housemates.
love the skirt/dress! =)

jia li!!!

final final celebration .. with loads of seniors who
range from F1 to Run Through Registrars! intimidating nyer ...
but all are shed when whip out karaoke + magic drinks =.=

actually all here to celebrate ... mr Fabian Hung's birthday!
and i rode along ..heheh.. becos

he's my long lost twin!
we share same birthday, and was
in the same class in secondary school for
a few years. wat are the odds bump into him again
in belfast pulak??

highlight (again) = sushi

plus SALMON!!!

able to celebrate also its because of someone's
arrangements and plans.and in the end,
a wonderful birthday indeed .. =D
(with exception hv to spend birthday in craigavon
for O & G! )