2:59 pm
Saturday, 3 April 2010
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the game i've been hooked on since
holiday started..

now already playing stage 130,
and nonstop upgrading myself
with my loads of rightfully earned
gold!! from archer to gunner honestly.
wondering when will it actually end!

emo ..huhu~

machine gun sound effect ..
so cute right?!! got native sword ppl,
then those giant skeleton kings, and the
animals ... aiks. my weapon can't keep up! so, then
have to slowly upgrade to the other end of the spectrum ...

err . what's this u ask .. hmmm.. whats tis????
(i don't know what this should be called ..
every weapon no label pun .. tsk!)

killer machine!! woooooooohoo!!!! DIEEEEE U MONSTERSS!!
(got those gigantic cute bear things too .. can
see me shooting em right now? sobs. sory u hv to diee ... )

havent been feeling well since yesterday,
luckily today feeling better dy!
and its not good cos tomoro i'll be goin to Bath!
feel like i'm always unwell when going to go for
a trip... so "che" wan..
holidays will then soon be over.. sobs...