11:42 am
Saturday, 13 March 2010
Malaysian night in belfast
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job well done to the committee!! it went smoothly and
everyone had a great time! and the deco was just meticulous!!!!
held at just the Space, Student Union, the space was
just transformed totally!

beautiful! they made the umbrellas hanging from
each light from scratch. and the backdrop of wau's.
theme this year was "Wau Experience".

i wore my long purple dress. third time dy.

mr francis felix, the prez giving his speech. nice one!

appetizer : kuih lapis & spring roll.
like the concept of fusion here.. =)
but kuih lapis abit gooooooeyyyy. spring roll nice.

lin foong & i

the "Lady in Dark Dress".
kept mysterious, mana tau its Ing Ni, past prez.
played Rasa Sayang.

our table. we sat right in the middle.haha

we had lion dance! and the lady looking on is
Ms Rosemary, our international officer in the VIP
our fashion show. me wearing kebaya. so bright!
hehe. thanks linfoong for the choreography!! =D

the Sabahan, from dublin. singing traditional Sabah
songs & love songs too, swooning the girls ...

me & daughter Suisse practising our dikir barat .

before debutttt =p. lets choreograph new routine nx time k.
when msian night not days befor my exam! =.=

main course : nasi lemak.
so tasty, delicious! till forgot to take a proper photo
of the uneaten one.. haha

lucky Jeng Haw! won prize for lucky draw, the
biggest prize available. which is free 3 rooms
accomodation at Langkawi! remember who's ur
hsemate ya.. =p

suisse, dun & pat at the guitar. singing
Standing in the Eyes of the World, which was
sung in 1998 commonwealth games.
it was indeed beautiful. suisse & dun's voice
so nice!!

like a pro =p

dessert : banoffee pie. delicously sweeet =)

bunch of em singing Here in My Home as finale.
me trying to hype up the crowd? eeek. i tried Julian!!

that ends a lovely night..

now pics of ppl..!!
me & jeya

eunice, kelly,me,marissa,lixian

cikgu + dj=ians! =)

the boys!

me & the girls

me & the first year med girls

peace out*