2:52 pm
Saturday, 27 March 2010
happy birthday (belated)
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was stuck in craigavon for a week
of paediatrics. n before that had 1
week lecture which made me so malas
to update blog. anyways, was really busy
over in craigavon! even after 2 days, we
all concluded it felt like weeks. plus, just
waiting on the edge for holidays to arrive!!
eeee!!!! so so happy to actually sit down on
the bed and having a laptop in front of me..
n just resting after a long tired week!! =D
5 clerk-ins in the bag! whoooo! 10 more
to go. last time i was told to do paeds cos
of my "personality". watever lar, hate when ppl
assume that. die die also won't do. hmph.

anyways, a late update of jay's birthday! which was
at 13th of march! happy belated birthday! (oops.. 2 weeks late)