11:58 am
Monday, 15 February 2010
cny n v day
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happy CNY and Valentine's!

celebration felt like it came n gone too fast..
spent my whole Sunday(1st day of CNY & V day)
practicing for the fashion show. felt like
the show is going to be great! =D
but scared scared for mine la. aiks .. pull it
together caryn!

Am doing anaesthetics posting now. something
happened before my eyes for the first time ever. i witnessed
a totally healthy patient literally just walking into the
theatre room for an elective surgery .. to get into cardiac arrest
in a split second after giving her general anaesthetic .. and into a
2nd cardiac arrest one & half hour later. i saw
firsthand how the cardiac arrest team came together
and carried out the algorithms. the atmosphere was
guiltily exhilarating and panicky.. everyone is at
the edge of getting her back again. i even had a chance
to assist here and there, namely setting up IV fluids and cardiac
compressions (correctly!) it was a good experience in my part,
but the worst for her.. sighs. and she's only 40!! =(
may she rest in peace ... =(

but that day i feel its so important to realise that life is
precious .. and to appreciate everyone & everything that's
around you. to never take anything for granted. i wish i could ..
easier said than done right?
aiya. i shouldn't be talking about this at times of celebration..

anyways, this was what i wore for the first day of CNY.
my mum sent this over to me a while back, first
time wearing it! pseudo-cheongsam =D

trying to take a picture of myself, to wish ..

(need more married people in belfast, cant say
ang pau na lai... at all!)

got to skype with my sister in the morning.
and called my parents. i really
want to be home at this moment =(