12:09 am
Thursday, 4 February 2010
ching li's visit
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ching li came over for visit for the weekend!
its a good end to a good week holiday. no more
slacking around dy now! A & E here i come!
*Scared scared*
there was another visit from a dear friend of
Jeng Haw's too, Lay Ping. sweet sweet gal! =)
went for Doorsteps for lunch.

the gals.

smoked salmon deluxee the best! =)

going to our next destination.. Chocolate room!

lovely chocs already on sale for V day.

cutest selections of chocs!

me & the VIP

the other VIP, Lay Ping

still as delicious as i first tasted it. slurp.
best hot chocolate in the world.
went to the city next!
Belfast CIty Hall.

they finally opened up the place. got to take some
pictures inside =)

on the lift, going on up to VictoriaSquare dome!
don't scared lar ching!

group pic!

Belfast city hall at night, from a distance.
Lovely! would be lovelier if don't have those
plastic barrier thingies =.=

fairy trying on her new dress

"yuk, i duwan to kiss the frog!!" face =p


best part of the day~ suddenly snowed heavily
after weeks of quiet. t'was beautiful ... =)


next day- off to St Geaorge's Market

me & ching with her roast pork.

big fish!

& here, we've reached CaveHill!

beautiful weather indeed.. we're so lucky!!

mix of cold hard snow and the bright glaring sun.. how contradicting
can it get?

Belfast Castle

come again ching! =)