9:33 pm
Thursday, 25 February 2010
what a night!
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months of preparation and it all boils down to
tonight. so surreal! feel like going through it all
again.. sighs. i did thought about what if, i was just a model
and did not opt as a choreographer, with the stress
of whether or not i can pull off the task in hand.
but looking back, i don't think i'd change my
decision or do much differently. everything that
was went through was in the end, worth it all!
i love how it all turned out,
and i learnt to build my confidence up a weeeeeee bit =p

the choreographers.
top - me, Rachel Erskine, Amy Teadale
mid - Ariij Booley
bottom - Anne Marie Beirne, Zara R. Hughes
MIA- Hannah =(
all of them so talented! so amazed with all the
dances when they debut on our first full rehearsal.

process of the actual day.. i had to miss my first day
of A & E!! oh well. no bother! cos the coordinator
was off anyways apparently for this whole week.

me & partner in crime, Lin Foong.
Before hair and make up. well.. Her hair is all
made up with that cute ribbon already.

everyone just went in clueless what
kind of hair we'd be getting. the basic 3:-
either big bold hair, or messy bun, or funky funky (one
girl came out with a giant mohawk. huh!)
the guys went to the salon and had their hair done.
and eyebrows waxed. ngek ngek. so gay =p

after hair & make up!
and yea, i got the big bold hair. but it keeps coming
back down. it was massive everytime they fix it but
an hour later, biasa lagi.

Intro, MJ Medley- with the hospital A & E beds all
set up. ready set load!

Us dancing to Beat It.

The choreographers plus the
fashion show coordinators.

Hot nurses came into play as well.

coolest picture! them dancing
to Bad, MJ.

pulseless,& went into asystole. not suppose
to defibrillate... but for the show,
have to bend some rules!

Intro ended with Thriller!

SWOT 2010

Our emcees for the night.
Dr Mark Hamilton - tv host, presenter, radio DJ, actor
& A&E doctor in Manchester!
Emma Louise Johnston - famous reporter in NI.

First item-Get the Party Started

Brand - Liberty Blue
Veronicas Untouched

my fav, Amy Teasdale's
Lifestyle Sports!

marvelous routine & stunts wowing us!

priceless expression.. hehe
Rusty Zip (70's clothes brand)
dancing to Funkytown.

my fav move, hammering down!
"bang bang bang"

Lin Foong in her Rusty Zip clothes &
me in Dorothy Perkins.

Gemma, me, Ali

hmm.. half the crew!

Let Me Entertain You!!!! by Robbie Williams.
Dorothy Perkins & Burton.

so proud. sniff*
those at the side are stilt walkers.

i kissed a girl ..

the bridesmaids


and here comes the bride!

cool artistic photo acidentally captured.
(not me yea)

Reiss brand dancing to 99 balloons.
quite nice the clothes

all the hot hot hot Single Ladies!

every girl's & guy's anticipating ..
La Senza!
dancing to Good Girls Gone Bad

female lecturers!

Pose for the camera, as Bad Romance comes on!

my baby*

Drama Queenz .. the costume shop.
and some Ghostbusters in the middle
eh.. Marilyn Monroe resurrected arrrr =p

the hall went crazy when the male lecturers took the stage.
especially the girls.

so cute! the new A&E coordinator, Dr Richard Corry too
(far right).. hehehe

Beverly Hills gowns.
modeling to Call Me Blondie.

MGMT Kids. adorably groovy.

"Somebody call 911... shortie bla bla"
Ski Clothes!

hotties. Boat Club vs Gaelic Club.
who win leh?


finale - Toonight's gona be a GOOD GOOD NIGHT!!"=)

sniff sniff*

happy Jay & Suisse came to watch!
papa & ah lui .. =)

I feel stressed out
I wanna let it go
Lets go way out spaced out
And losing all control
Fill up my cup


Look at her dancing
Just take it off
Lets paint the town
We’ll shut it down
Let’s burn the roof
And then we’ll do it again

I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
Tonight’s the night
Let’s live it up!