9:59 pm
Sunday, 17 January 2010
say something! (2)
fractures exam just over last fri.
it was ok. now have to fight on
for this friday's exam.. the big
scared scared... don't like osce's.. give
me the jitters and bad panicky feelings..
please oh please pass... don't give weird Q's pls ...
housemates having exam this Mon,Tues,Wed.
so can kinda guess the atmosphere & condition of the house.
don't worry, we'll start cleaning the house this saturday.
de-stress session .. while i was stressing just now..

mei : "omg! i am so cute... "
me : "u?? cute??? hahahahahahaha"
so bad la me

mummy : "eh, che is online! eh.. i wana use!"

mummy : "u think mei is not cute is it ....??"
me : "i've been good mummy. i got say mei is cute..."
mei : "blehk"

then quality start blur dy..
mummy : "the hat abit big ar."

mummy's .. winking at me kua...
me holding my squirrel soft toy.
haven't named it yet.
acompanying my TLC and .. shucks! wats
my mousie's name???

ok.. study!