8:04 pm
Tuesday, 5 January 2010
and with that it is now 2010
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with every new year, i don't reflect on how the previous year
has been. i find myself just thinking back on how i
spent all my previous new years ..just the
ones i remeber at least. just that one, is still my
best new year yet... these are the
ones still in mind.

std 5 - dragged into a club by someone. hated it. felt so out of
place and alien with all the adults.
i was just a kid wearing baggy shirt leh.. why am i here??

std 6 - spent new year's at klcc with family.. watched
chun fireworks! downside, crowded till u can smell everyone's
sweat odour.and toxic fumes. blehk.

form 1-5, SAM
- i think i just stayed home.. can't remember.

1st year@imu - spent wit high school
friends n him in 1u countdown concert. a very last minute thing ..
almost didn't happen .. they were spraying foam everywhere
when it striked 12. a mini slumber party then at my old hse

2nd year@imu
- think i just stayed in vista, escaped
civilisation for the night and had a nice quiet one. just watched
fireworks from my room.

3rd year imu
- with son, son in law, him, aaron lai, kaj,
david lee, min. had jap at sushigroove, then kfc in
min's hse (gluttons!) min intro the mayo + ketchup dip. we
watched countdown concert on fuzzy tv and watched fireworks
that were released in stadium bkt jalil. everyone huddled together
at my place aft that and watched a movie .. is it "1408"??
think next day we had banana lim lai!

1st year@Belfast- celebrated away from home for the
first time .. in rome with a whole bunch of great
new friends. happy, in the most forceful manner.
2009 looked so bleak then. tsk tsk

2nd year@Belfast
- here we are. edinburgh! was looking
forward to this trip for past 2 months. esp to see
the people! conclusion .. i like edinburgh.. =)
few fav pics & highlights.

Glasgow Central

"Keep friend's memories bright"

In the train on the way to Edinburgh Waverly.

my new cap for the camera, caged by
ching's clawed hands

WII! kept us entertained whole
few days.

vic & hy woke up early and baked
muffins for us. "double choc banana muffins".

in front of hanying's hse. it was super
slippery. slide here slide there.

hy's house entrance.
oh yes. plus cutesy naomi.

sweet ..

down the mountain. a jump pic!

me, ching, and hanying.

apparently 6th best cafe in uk. just down Clerk
Street as well.

yam yau thinking of what leh?


ordered hot choc. coffee is never for me!

our fav place to eat .. Kampong Ah Lee!!!
just opposite hanying's home. so nice!! the
tauke and the waitresses there sien of us dy,
went there 3 nights in a row for dinner.

heaven! best nasi lemak in uk.. so far.

then went to watch fireworks by the bridge
for NY.

the night was still young. played cho tai ti.

no one wants to lose ..
or else ..devastating punishment!! =p

ming lin had his fun too in between games.
meditating WII style.


at Calton Hill.

edinburgh city .. semi-dark.

edinburgh city.. when dark.

something was going on in the streets..

these were lit up.

Bobby's bar. loyal dog Bobby spent the rest of his life sitting on
his master's grave.


hanying's merajuk face =p