6:19 pm
Tuesday, 26 January 2010
1 week holiday
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exam just finished last friday. relieved? yes!!
just need to pass pls ... =.=
had a massive shopping spree aft that.. ahh..
i haven't shopped since mid dec! didn't even go to the
boxing day. so its a great feeling to finally splurge and just have some
stress free time .. having a week break now, with a few chores
in hand in my TO-DO list. some ticked off already, but
still can be more productive than this i know.. sometimes
feel like i'm disappearing into nothingness ...sleep sleep only!

our 2nd practice for swot fashion show - Bad Romance.
one of my projects!
at the beginning wasn't too fond of the song, but
after choreographing for it, somehow liking it more n more.
aiks. don't mind my squeaky voice.. ( beh tahan) =.=