11:18 pm
Monday, 14 December 2009
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busy busy weekend! with friday night gathering
for kay teck's birthday, then next day winter solstice
event and then sunday night .. yummy nasi lemak.
it was quite nice with each of it reminding
of back home to an extent..
ngek ngek.
pictures in sequence!

went for thai food.. first time trying this
place. Bo Tree Thai Restaurant. the interior of
the place really quite posh.

Andrew with his hand gesture, getting

food was yummy, really as authentic as it can get
around here. but, the portion's quite small, considering
the price of each dish! nevertheless .. yummY!!! *lipsmacks*

happy when they served rice with this
big bowl. =D

i think the best part of the whole dinner is the tom
yam soup. really spicy and tasty, with lotsa

me & my empty plate.
maybe i'm not smiling enough cos
portion so small =p

dunno wat serious topic kayteck &
jay was discussing

me looking scared cos me & suisse accidentally
exploded our christmas cracker and the gunpowder went into his eye,
jeng haw opening his eyes wide wide to reduce the pain

the others : marissa, lixian, kelly, andrew

francis, suisse, jeya, kayteck
(kayteck looks so happy. ur welcome ur welcome hehe)

hooo hoooo ...

wee.. officially 21! he looks adorable here!

well .. would want to post up the video of
kayteck officially being an adult - him
pole dancing, with jeya being the lucky pole...
but i don't have it! =p

anyways, next day was winter solstice event..
best best of it is that can makan tong yuen..which
i love love love. last time was a year ago.
suisse & francis & jenghaw cooked them in our

while waiting for our transport..
jenghaw and the pot of tong yuen, that small pot is
suppose to feed 18 of us, believe not? hehe

china buffet king was our venue, which izzah
recommended. the aftermath of the meal was ..
nauseating and sedative. not in a good way =.=

random pic of the president MSSNI. he
looks like nak baca ikrar wan.

me in the midst of the crowded table.
spot me!

jeya scooping them tong yuens.. 6 each.
see those ball balls??

a lil more upcloseee....
WAAA!!!! *chomps*

all of us, with the main "chu kok" in front,
the empty pot in the white plastic bag.

christmas is around the corner, thus,
mini orchestra playing christmas songs
at the mall.

next up ... nasi lemak time!
thank you jeng haw for making the sambal,

the red fiery oh so yummy sambal.

more ball balls..
(boiled eggs)

nasi lemak. truly wan. added coconut
milk and everything wei.

fried chicken.

and let me intro the rakan rakan involved.

(my newly elected daughter)

jeng haw, the cook

the boi

and cook's assistant ..
*drum rolls*


my nasi lemak deco. nice not?
kawaii not?? bento potential tak?

pat joined us later, all ready for him, some
more he had dinner at "Hungry?" before
that .. lucky boi! =p

them entertaining us while me,
jeng haw, & pat had our own fun with
the camera. ... pics revealed ...jeng jeng jeng ..

Director Pat : "Yes, think sad .. not sorrowful, but
sadness filling u, come on, produce tears for me!"

..... and many, many more ... =p

that ends the last weekend before holidays start..
last week of Geri now.. sien tiau!!