12:53 am
Monday, 21 December 2009
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i tell you ar.. so geram u knoww...
last night snowed at 2am, me, jeng haw
and jay went out to play with snow for
a while. even took lovely photos.
but at the church this morning i was
jus going to delete one .. ONE picture, i
deleted the whole folder!! arGHHHH!!!!
all the snow pics gone.. some more
saw so many ppl putting up their snow pictures.
well .. thankfully there are THREE
pictures taken with the big cam last night
of how snow was, just right outside my house.

haven't made snowman yet, which i
dreamed of. last year couldnt cos during
snow storm was stuck in the hospital. and
by the time i got out, snow was just melting away.
its forecasted to snow again on wednesday..

ONE pic of me, NOT covered in snoww.
please oh please snow again soon so i can take pictures
of snow and make my snowman ....!!