5:11 pm
Wednesday, 2 December 2009
surprise visit
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surprise visit from 2 unexpected buddies..

julius lim & TKS!
thank you guys for including belfast
into ur trip. "sacrificed" my one
day for them to go to Giant's Causeway
for the THIRD time =p
(no more pls no more!! haha)
even the tour guide was the same one.
but it was definitely fun, crazee funny gila
ROFL fun truout the whole trip.

thanks to another accomplice, jeya prashant,
totally fooled me for the past few days.
tsktsk! how to trust u nx time jeya??? =p

round 2 of the bridge.
i repeat, i am not goin to cross the
bridge anymore!! my camera cap flew off whilst
on the bridge, totally freaked me out!
me and the boys
mini bridge

the bridge ....
sooo scary!!! omg!


naughty boys breaking the law.
see the bridge? its at far right of the pic

superman posing.

finally giants causeway!
shucks. whole trip like a massive deja vu

eek! don't fall now!

this is called, the organ.
jeya trying to be obviousss =.=

me & superman

familiar pic??? check out when
hanying came over belfast to visit.
re-enactment. =p
them & giants causeway

went to derry town next, and smartox
us went to get ice cream in the freeeezing
weather. yumss.. rum & raisin is delish.

the laughing leprechaun.

continental market next!

pose cute session.
these guys should win awards for
coming up with poses. ...
sorry jeya, ur pulled to the dark side.

heee yahhhh



sleeepy, that's why the post is
sounding rojak. geriatrics is
so chillax!
good night