7:57 pm
Wednesday, 9 December 2009
ben & jerry's
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just a shout out ..
if you're craving for ice cream in the
season of winter, and you're in UK,
just go grab Ben & Jerry's in tesco..
1/2 price eh!

Phish food..was my first
ben & jerry's. wanted to try it again.
personal fav is choc fudge, well ... actually,
anything chocolatey is in my list. hehe.
grab them fast as all the nice flavours
wouldn't be there anymore if you're too late..

Description : " Chocolate Ice Cream with Marshmallow,
Caramel, & Chocolatey Shaped Fish "

blub blub
fish eating phish =p

like a lucky draw getting those fishies.
there are tons of them though.

satisfied .. 1/2 for lunch ..
now 1/2 tub more to go!! =p