1:59 pm
Friday, 27 November 2009
pain ..
say something! (2)

i miss ..
i hurt ..

dreams ..
and things have a way bringing it all back again.
i dreamt, he wrote a beautiful poem for
me that won first prize. he always had a
way with written words..
and it was in
this colourful book with all the other poems.

but the more i flipped,
the more i couldn't find it.
"its there! the poem's just there"
everyone around me shouts at me.
the more i flipped, the more my
tears stained the pages.
the more i flipped, the more
the pages tore into pieces and disappeared.
i know the poem .. the melody of
the poem rings in my ear. but i just
want to.. need to read it again.
the more i flipped, the more i
knew .. maybe it was never there.
feeling frantic,
i woke up.

time to go catch my ride to Whiteabbey Hospital.

i didn't care,
i dozed off again ..
just let me find the poem first ..