8:39 pm
Monday, 2 November 2009
busy busy~
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Today was my first day at my GP practice..
its at a place called Grove Wellbeing Centre, equipped
with swimming pool and library. =p
But i won't be able to use em. tsk tsk.
All the staff are just so incredibly niceeeee too..
Had quite a good day in clinic and few home visits,
and attachment with the reception. Downside was that have
to take two rounds of buses everyday from now
on, 3.50 pounds gone per day. ..sad!!
and just so busy a day today was ..i predict it will be the same for days to come..
out by 7.45am till 5.45 pm home bound with only 10 minute
break for lunch today. Madness...

Anyways. Had a Good Sunday before.. at
least breakaway for a while in one of a favourite place
of mine ...


the last time i went the whole ritual of "meal" then "furniture
window shopping" then sealed with optional
"icecream/karipap"(here takde) was about a year ago..
i still remember it was with jeng haw and i got
my new table, symbolic of a 'new start' and also
post-trauma retail therapy, which helped! =p
felt quite dejavu-ish ... anyhows, pictures! would
have snuck in with the big camera into ikea, but won't
risk it!

loooong bus ride before actually reaching there.
and this lady we bumped into her in the same bus again
when we went back.

these were my lunch ..

smoked salmon + salad + mustard sauce

curry chicken + rice
curry was heavenly, like rendang!
tasted exactly like Malaysia's
with its shreds and spices. wondered
how could they be serving
this here... ahhhh.. *drool*

just look at the front part of my tray .. eat till
got rice fly out of my plate. messy eater nyer!! tsk tsk

result = happy!

dia punya..
his 15 meatballs (pork+beef mixed)

prawn + egg salad

happy! (act cute .. =p )

the cashier was so blur when we paid
for our foods, paid only half of
the actual price. happy too was able
to save so much, but wondered if he
will get into trouble later on! =.=

while walking around, tried to find rooms
that could define us, and jay found his! reading room,
but very chilled and hint of wildly creative ideas thrown
here and there. but couldn't find mine! too fussy
in some parts ... hehe.


beautiful bed.. felt like
jumping into it and falling
asleep straight away. *sigh*

a wardrobe room with triple threats! 3 way
mirror all around.

no. 1

no. 2

no. 3

and a out of this world, unique
lighting. surrounding are just pieces
of cut paper, but looks so much more.
won't hang it over my bed though, dizzy!
and i might get weird dreams from it if
that's the last thing i see before i sleep =.=

in the end bought just a few essentials ;
me bought a new umbrella, as lost mine.
him, bought a new table lamp, pillow.

at the bottom, they had a ice cream machine,
which i thought was really really cool!

just put your cone in that ring, and
choose which flavour you want
(vanilla,or vanilla +choc,or vanilla+strawberry)
and press ze button. voila, u have
your ice cream. yummm

escaping the rain and wind for a while while
waiting for the bus inside.
*tsk. poser* =p

one more pic!

and that ends an Ikea Sunday.
a nice breakaway indeed!! =)
(minus the crazy wind + rain + meeting till late)