1:59 pm
Friday, 27 November 2009
pain ..
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i miss ..
i hurt ..

dreams ..
and things have a way bringing it all back again.
i dreamt, he wrote a beautiful poem for
me that won first prize. he always had a
way with written words..
and it was in
this colourful book with all the other poems.

but the more i flipped,
the more i couldn't find it.
"its there! the poem's just there"
everyone around me shouts at me.
the more i flipped, the more my
tears stained the pages.
the more i flipped, the more
the pages tore into pieces and disappeared.
i know the poem .. the melody of
the poem rings in my ear. but i just
want to.. need to read it again.
the more i flipped, the more i
knew .. maybe it was never there.
feeling frantic,
i woke up.

time to go catch my ride to Whiteabbey Hospital.

i didn't care,
i dozed off again ..
just let me find the poem first ..

9:51 pm
Thursday, 26 November 2009
London pixx galore
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12:12 am
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9:32 pm
Saturday, 14 November 2009
jeng haw's
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hmm. realised i'm always blogging alot on friends' birthdays.
just that every bday celebration seems special, although
routine of it seems familiar(surprise then dinner then post-dinner =p )
there are special moments to capture during that blessed time..
plus, this may very well be the last time i'm celebrating jeng haw's
birthday (housemate/senior/good friend ) =(

ok! now pictures!

lighting the candles first .. then calling
him down and bluff him the ceiling leaking. thus ..

surprise you'd be!! =p

one with the birthday boi

happy birthday uncle

yo dawg. notice our cool hoodies?? =p

act cute act cute!

if your eyes are sharp enough (or distorted) you can
see Suisse, JiaLi,me,Pat spelt out J-E-N-G!!
felt like orientation all over again doing this


Jeng Haw enjoying Jiat's birthday gift to him

t'was special, with San Fui(his fake sister) flying all the way from Liverpool
to surprise Jeng Haw on his birthday! months of preparation
for this moment.

some of em others

the dudes .. self-proclaimed F4.. tsk tsk

while waiting for food...

take picture of other ppl..
"say cheese!"

best picture of the birthday boi,.. ever! honestly!
look like some actor.

take picture with ppl ..
will always have a picture with Suisse wan.

play with other ppl's bracelet ... *sigh* say
already it doesn't match your eyes lor =p

and camwhore.
must learn from pro SS king =p

Bruschetta, a large portion indeed!

and us enjoying the Bruschetta, we look like sisters kan?

My Spaghetti Marinara.
prawns super big, really really really
seafood-y, with anchovies aroma.
not bad not bad..

i renamed it Blehk Cherry Crumble.
cos its *blehk* after the first 2 bites.

Baked cake for birthday boi, and him trying to
shush us for being too loud singing birthday song and
whistling. don shy shy lar

chef revealed! purposely found time to
bake in between class..JiaLi ma fan u lorrr

going back to our home dy..

..those from Guthrie House.

Post-dinner .. cheers to Jeng Haw turning 23

like small boi! playing game but taking Heineken. =.=

San Fui & i

Bluetooth headset as his present, which he
had been longing for. with a special pouch that
recharges it every time you keep it. cool

salsa-ing. which i missed. tak bleh tahan dy.
too tired. oh wells, hope you enjoyed your birthday
jeng haw! ccheers! don kembang dy, its not your birthday
anymore =.=

now go study GP! exam next week! eeeee.. freaking out.