10:45 pm
Monday, 26 October 2009
long overdued Deeparaya Celebration
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after my cancer studies examination, a
big big huge sigh of relief exhaled. even had momentary
loss of memory about the times i had practically every morning during
my 2 week attachment of Cancer Studies in Seminar Room 1,
Dunluce Health Centre. felt surreal going
back there today for my GP attachment. weird....

on Saturday,
had the opportunity to attend MSSNI's Deeparaya Celabration
in Elm's Village. Helped out a lil in the morning,
& i must say this event turned out very successful!

Was held in the Lounge Room, and it was already
renovated nicely. See those colour themes?

Its everywhere! Love the wall!
loving all the bright colours! seriously just
brighten up the whole room and makes u feel
"fun"(or siau siau) when u enter.

Getting things ready

even had performances geared up for us!
them practicing their songs "Balik Kampung"..
some people were quite emotional as reminded
us so much of home. and his voice is just.. beautiful!

and of course, the other main character of the
event.. glorious, wonderful, heavenly, unbelievable
Malaysian food! prepared by lovely MSSNI commitee & friends.
almost wanted to cry when i saw the rendang and curry ..=,)

Vegetarian Fried Noodles for the vegetarians.
i helped boil the noodles and cut the carrots!! (che wah)

Roti jala by Izzah..
i only got to eat two.. but
it was soooo yummy ..
authentically roti jala.
close ur eyes n imagine.. =p

Nasi himpit!
Don't they just look like gems to you?
So beautiful .. to go of course with ..


And Ayam Rendang.. *cries*
the oozing oil floating at the top of the kuah
is just pure.. perfection ...
ok. daydreaming & drooling too much already.

presenting to you, MSSNI's future logo! its under way!
created by none other than ..

.. Jeffvin Kent!
nice one! =)

My 'apprentice' =p , Marissa (Publicity Dir)
and Jeya (Treasurer)

..or Tai Yi Long ..
or Mafia more suited? hehe

paying 3 pounds entry..quite worth
it to be able to get REAL Malaysian food + familiar faces =)

stalking ..

& stalking ..
& stalking ..

aiyak. kena stalk =p

since both President & VP cannot attend
as they went to London for some UKEC meeting, t
hey charmed us with their presence in forms of clips ..

tu President

tu VP
(yang perempuan)

ok that ends it!