8:27 pm
Saturday, 17 October 2009
Doorsteps + Chocolate room
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it has been quite a busy week, starting Oncology.
Next week will be my last week in this posting, then Friday exam
already. so fast!! i haven't start studying yet, and see what
i am doing now? blogging. tsk tsk. after this will study already
promise! =p

it was definitely quite a depressing posting as most
seniors said, most patients i saw had quite bad prognosis.
the first patient i saw had lung cancer, small cell type which had
the worst prognosis of all lung cancers. not resectable.she has been
having many sessions of chemo and 5 ratiotherapy sessions.
and she's the kind who's never sick, always up and about,
doing 3 jobs to support her family. even after
all that treatment, it doesn't seem to have taken a toll on her.
i didn't even know she was wearing a wig until she told us.
and another, had lung cancer too, but her case was special
till the doctors were so eager for her to be
documented in the medical journal. her lung tumour was so large,
growing and infiltrating into the pulmonary veins and into
the heart, and the heart valve had been flapping unto the tumour.
apparently she had the most dangerous surgery, she did
an open heart surgery, and lung surgery too from the back.
she was really nice to show us both of her scars, and
said "we had to know in order to learn".
and she called all of us "sweethearts" =)

and another highlight was the Loss and Bereavement workshop..
oh.. my.. gosh.. think most ppl in my group(including guys)
teared. they had lecture, then showed videos of real ppl
going through loss and bereavement. they had to put
emo music in the background! =.= then afterwards,
had to share with everyone each of our own losses and
bereavement experience. some of my groupmates quite
sad, lost parent, or family friend, or brother.. lucky i was skipped.
few days later will have a session on Breaking Bad News.
i remember we did in IMU, but am not looking
forward to this. i think i will just cry with the
patient. tsk tsk .. =.=

anyways, academics aside .. today afternoon got to relax
and went on a familiar routine.
Doorsteps Gourmet Sandwich for lunch,
Chocolate Room for hot chocolate,
Tesco for groceries.
All within the same road.

Doorsteps quite famous in Belfast, always
packed during lunch times. They have about 40 types of
sandwiches all written up on the board. And they're massive!!

Smoked Salmon Deluxe.
Salmon + Egg Mayo + Horse Radish
and banyak salad.
3 quids.

Next was Chocolate Room. Almost couldn't find the place, realised
it was just shifted to across the road next to Toni&guys. Was first
brought to by another chocolate lover. =p

this really impressed me.
"Makers to The Majesty the King&Queen"
"Makers to His Majesty Queen Alexandra"

The place was much bigger already, not too narrow.
usually there was a table only to dine-in.
and new wallpaper, and nicer ambience!

Him & his chocolate.

I remembered the first time i tasted it, i concluded
it was the best chocolate ever drank in my entire life.

still stand by it =)

ok.. now shall study. my plan tonight = finish all cancers.
then tomorrow, go through the lecture notes.