9:07 pm
Sunday, 11 October 2009
crazy weekend!
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Psych exam over. As usual, impending doom feeling prior ..
and felt i crumbled during oral examination..
and messed up MCQ. Only booming question aft exam is,
"Did i do enough to PASS?"
fingers crossed! next year only will know results anyways.
well, amidst and after that was an avalanche of good stuff!
binging of photos taken during weekend .. only! (siau)
few favourites picked out.. regurgitated here.


after my oral examination went to meet Han Ying. haven't
seen her for a full year plus .. so nice to finally set eyes on familiar faces =)
and her friend, Shiau Sang(which i never met before ever)
clicked with her quite fast and "bergaduh" with her
throughout the 2 days she around.
even Han Ying say we're weird! haha.

in front of Queen's University

signature dish of dim sum session,
Duck Tongue! taste like seafood.

Next morning, followed Paddywagon tour to
Giants Causeway and Derry.

On the Carrick-A-Rede Bridge.
scary .. and wind was merciless when i stepped on it.

see, even Shiau Sang's hair blowing
upwards, defying gravity like fire

Next stop ..Giant's Causeway. famous for their beautiful scenery & polygonal rocks.
How were they formed? well, there's a myth OR a ecological explanation
to it ... Google it! =p

Got to celebrate Shiau Sang's birthday in Belfast.


AGM Meeting -
Malaysian Students Society of Northern Ireland (MSSNI)

Rushed to AGM meeting after our 1 day tour to Giants Causeway.
Our last meeting together as our ex-committee steps down,
and let them new committee be elected. quite a nostalgic & dejavu feeling
as we took our duties last year, not knowing what to expect.
will miss it..! =)


Them candidates giving their speeches.

Voting in session.

The chairperson of the meeting - PC (on the far right)
Dua models kat sebelah. =p


The new President, Francis Felix &
Vice President, Suisse Lee.

Future, Present & Past Leaders.

Undertaking of Francis Felix! All the best!

some of the peeps.. past committee from various years plus


*crept from behind*

caught unguarded!

went to Speranza for her birthday dinner.
some highlights of the night were ..

.. sitting next to the pizza maker.kept giving us
a show& flipping them pizzas all night.

.. the super gigantic plate of Amataricana pasta. Was stuffed and still
half more plate to go!

.. Suisse suddenly want to braid my hair =p

.. baked cake by none other than ..

Suisse! (her first time baking) & help by Patrick as well.

.. camwhoring =p

one of Jia Li's present.
Sinfully divinely indulgent chocs by Thorntons!

& bear!

Patrick and his awesome shirt

Jia Li Jia Li Jia Li ...!!

tomorrow starting with Cancer Studies. i should be sleeping now already ..