1:40 pm
Sunday, 20 September 2009
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i'm already halfway through my psychiatric posting ..
so fast oh! and already 3 weeks later will be my
oral presentation and MCQ. hope all goes well!! being
consistent is not my forte .. slacker procastinator i am..
but i'm trying to change! i am i am! =p

learnt quite alot as i was lucky enough to be attached to a
super nice & keen consultant,Dr. Doherty!! =D
and i also got to see & talk to patients who suffer from mental disorders.
Mainly depression and schizoprenia, lil bit of alcoholic hallucinosis
& bipolar disorder scattered in as well.

quite intimidating how their mind can conjure up
such far-fetched thoughts .. from killing oneself & their family, to
hallucinations of Egyptian Pharoahs dancing outside his/her window, to
delusions of "paramilitaries" out to get them. (ya, somehow this delusion
experienced by alot of the psychiatric patients in Northern Ireland)
so different from how Malaysia is ..i feel lar .. people who do have
these mental disorders are easily discriminated and
labelled .. & ABANDONED. which is quite a sad thing.
but here, when i actually witness how the system
really come together to just help one patient is amazing.
collaboration of social workers, community psychiatric nurses,
the clinical psychiatrists, the homeless hostel .. the family ..

okok! will write my looong case now.
half down .. 1 and half to go. =.=
i feel like its never-ending this process ..
or going ikea soon .. =p

......update : ate Raya food at Tom Fatima's house tonight. had my lemang & curry ..
..........................my dream today is fullfilled!!! *bliss* Thanks for the invite!! =D