10:29 pm
Tuesday, 29 September 2009
say something! (2)
been hooked on these few TV shows
and following quite religiously. Ahh .. wonders
of the internet .. =p

America's Next Top Model (Petite!)

For 5 '7 " and under .. i how to audition la lidet?? =p
love the fiery red-haired girl to bits..

a silent killer in front of the camera.
and also cos she's weird. i like weird things & beings.

Project Runway season 6

and for once (finally!), an eye candy designer ..
i think he's straight ..
his name is Logan ..
and ..

.. he looks much better on screen! promise!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Yup! she's got loooong legs that go on & on & on ...
waaa.. she's a ballerina! and her name almost same as mine! Corynne! =p

and when dear comes back, will get my eyes back on Gray's Anatomy.
Actually, was never really fond of it when they just came out. I thought
it was just too scandalous! And at times, unreal? But after watching the
recent previous season, can't help but get hooked! Drama just overflowing,
making me jump and scream and cry .. anticipating every episode.
As usual, had to be re-told what happened in the previous seasons ..
Bad memory sorry.. hehe.

ok, back to studying now.
stressed .. ?? that i'm not stress enough to study.