1:24 am
Wednesday, 23 September 2009
hmm... REJECT!
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seriously in rejection mode for the food here.. think
i enjoyed my time with the wonderful foods
back in Malaysia too much till now, anything i
see here does not appeal to me as much as last time already.
definitely not! reminds me of quickie
lunch to always go back ward ... and so
little selection! technically, its either
meat, seafood or egg mayo.
ohhhh... no way.
plain no way.
can't amount how much of potato i stuffed myself
with during all of 3rd year. chips are
just everywhere!
plain overload. was my comfort food and
"destressor" .. which now i look back, its actually
really unhealthy! will not take away its value. ..
eaten only to be satisfied, not destress! =p
cheese?? yogurt??
what's wrong with me?? they were my favourite
food last time. the cheesier the better ..now i just
feel muak thinking about it ..
err.. obvious! when that word is spoken, i think of
fat spilling, oil spilling, greasy thingies going to
adhere to your stomach wall, causing indigestion.
dangerous things those sausages are ..

& all these are the ones found abundant here.
takes time .. believe me .. to grow accustomed to "food" again ..
i can't be not eating right?
my lunch prepared for today after going TESCO.

cinamon bun & strawberries. they are still in season now (might not be
in a week more) .. so u's UK ppl go grab them strawberries before
they're cleared off! really sweet sweet strawberries .. *daydream*

gimme laksa, har mee, pan mee, kai fan, vinegar pork, or any of
those devillishly delicious food for lunch anytime. guess now i'll just stick
to "what makes me not muak" & anything that lasts me for the day. =.=