8:16 pm
Wednesday, 23 September 2009
Dead Man Talking
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at night, went to watch a play called ..


the play centres around the issue of
donating one's body to science.
The cast? well, they're none other than our
own IMU 3rd Year of Queens, Suisse Lee & Ling Kay Teck! actually its a
Selective Course thats done with other bunch of 3rd years also,
collaborating with drama studies.. so nice! why my year didn't have?? =.=
i almost couldn't go in .. 3 more mins and i'll be locked out the
theatre .. overnapped till i finally read Li Wei's message.
would regret if i missed it!!
sighs.. couldn't take any pictures inside though .. no cameras
allowed. was so frust, cos even the minute i walked in, i
saw a scene worth captured in picture. every scene was
meticulously choreographed ...
in summary, a very interesting&entertaining abstract play.
very broken .. yet together. loved the Kings of Leon,Sex on Fire touch!
there were abit of contemporary dancing througout the whole
play as well! somehow a few of the scenes reminded
me of cheerleading .. hehe.
well, here are the pictures post-performance!
Congratulating the two new stars on their debut! =p

Kay Teck with a flower given by his fan =p

Suisse. keep dodging my cam. chis

modelesque picture of Marissa.

Li Wei look like some TVB actor.

Jeya, self-acclaimed "cannot take proper picture of him
although for 2 years his friends tried".
1st attempt.

5th attempt?
not bad wat!

Suisse was the finale star. there was a Flash
Dance moment when she took the stage last =p

Li Xian! Suisse! Marissa!



Mua with them's!

ok! done with update! goodnight!!