8:39 pm
Monday, 7 September 2009
fresh meat! =p
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met the 3rd years already, and i must say
they're all really nice people.
this time 6 of 'em came to belfast this year, which
is a super big improvement from my year (my time only 2 ppl go over lorr...)
went to St George's Market last saturday morning with them
and it was thoroughly packed with more stalls than usual,
and lotsa people.

music of "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon
in the background performed in the ring of the market.
remind me again why i don't
go there every week???
anyways, some pics and introduction of the newbies..
jeya is missing though, cos he joined us in the
city few hours later for shopping with anand.
once we arrived, i was hunting for food already..
took a browse through with all of the stalls .. a mini
tour round, and in the end settled with this.

hehe.. just kidding. would have taken
picture of the poor shrivelled up to the bone
roast hog if i could .. but kesian lar.

in the end, ended up with the roast hog burger.
every single time without fail if i come here!
why oh why.
but its really quite irresistable =p

dig in people & enjoy whole-heartedly.. while i get into action ..
paparazzi-ing! hehe

suisse ..
only one from the M206 batch.

me n her!

(there's a woman exhilaratingly happy
behind there ..hmm)


li wei!

kay teck!

happy faces!

tomorrow starting posting at Windsor house already ,
doing psychiatry posting right now.
just worried only how to approach, or handle
history taking with psychiatric patients in wards ..eek!
i am no good in handling a situation if it
turns awkward.. and have to be in a room
personally only with the patient. i better choose
my patient wisely, and don't "lucky draw"
out a psychopath who just got out of jail
or something
time to see how tomoro goes ..