12:28 am
Sunday, 13 September 2009
botanic & i ~
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had no plans for today wan.. schedule was,
1 pm help Yanti with her research ..
then go tesco
then go computer lab print stuff ..
then 7pm dinner with some people,
then night time type up my looong case (oops ... =p)
but weather was so incredibly beautiful today! sun was blazing till even
when i'm wearing sunnies, the rays penetrate through and burn my eyes..
*i'm meltingggg..meltinggg ..... .........*
came home ...

grabbed camera ..
(the small one .. should hav taken the gigantic one!)

& sunnies ..
and straight off to botanic gardens!!
always the place to go when the weather's kind ya =)

but of course stopped by my castle ..oops!
i mean main building.. (hehe)
just next to the garden ma..

pretty.. can't believe this is my uni cheh wah

me!! exactly a year ago took this photo and at this exact same spot, ..
tried to reenact it. =p
but camera beza, effect pun beza lar ..

Botanic Gardens..
just took multiple pictures while sipping cold blissful Coke along
the way .. & listening to Korean songs on ipoD..
bliss not?? very bliss lorrrrr.
pictures should do the talking from here..
(alert : random captions may be typed. )

saw some people doing this .. balancing on the rope tied from one tree to another.
is it the "in" thing or something?

lotsa lotsa humans all lying around absorbing the UV rays..
hope these people wore sufficient sunblock!!

Wah .. bunga kertas!

and our national flower!

Rose garden

err.. why got BMW in the park wan leh ..

oo.. no wanda.. wedding in process.
the two lovely brides .. ngek ngek =p

and that ends my short botanic trip in weekend!

yup.. Belfast should be paying me some incentives
lorrr for advertising lidet..

on the way home saw this pretty cutesy convertible ...
parked in the middle of the road!!
wahhh... be smart abit can o not ..
anyways, today really was one of the nicest weather ever
experienced in Belfast. never this warm till can walk around with
spagethi strap shirt. no sireee.. nice Saturday indeed!
tomoro though..