12:13 am
Saturday, 5 September 2009
bliss .. is ..
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* bliss *...
came in many forms for me while
i'm back home for the summer..

bliss are ..

slices of raw salmon ..

ketulan of wantons my kak cooks..

is ..

banana lim lai.

bliss is ..

eating tapau-ed chicken rice whilst watching TV.

bliss is ..

sitting amongst my lovely group of familiar m106 faces ..

bliss is ..

having nasi lemak and air bandung for breakfast
after ward round with rachel.

bliss is ..

in company of a true friend.

bliss is ..

.. witnessing my lil sister's achievement.
*blooms with pride*

bliss is ..



& eating Mamee cup noodles together.


bliss is ...

sister's surprise trip to Putrajaya at night ..

to take photos!

bliss is ..

having a pedicure by best friend.

bliss is ..

acting silly with best friends.

posing with best friends.

hugs & love by best friends.

Then, Belfast bound.
Home ..
Await for my arrival again next year.
don't go anywhere now!!