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Tuesday, 29 September 2009
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been hooked on these few TV shows
and following quite religiously. Ahh .. wonders
of the internet .. =p

America's Next Top Model (Petite!)

For 5 '7 " and under .. i how to audition la lidet?? =p
love the fiery red-haired girl to bits..

a silent killer in front of the camera.
and also cos she's weird. i like weird things & beings.

Project Runway season 6

and for once (finally!), an eye candy designer ..
i think he's straight ..
his name is Logan ..
and ..

.. he looks much better on screen! promise!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Yup! she's got loooong legs that go on & on & on ...
waaa.. she's a ballerina! and her name almost same as mine! Corynne! =p

and when dear comes back, will get my eyes back on Gray's Anatomy.
Actually, was never really fond of it when they just came out. I thought
it was just too scandalous! And at times, unreal? But after watching the
recent previous season, can't help but get hooked! Drama just overflowing,
making me jump and scream and cry .. anticipating every episode.
As usual, had to be re-told what happened in the previous seasons ..
Bad memory sorry.. hehe.

ok, back to studying now.
stressed .. ?? that i'm not stress enough to study.

1:07 pm
Sunday, 27 September 2009
song in my heart
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11:26 am
Daryl's birthday
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another picture clad post.
been quite some time since we had a
gathering on someone's birthday..
(oops, Francis punya last 2 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday Daryl & hope u had a nice time with us!
venue * TGIF, Victoria Square
date * 26/09/09
time * 8 pm
guests * 15

Syoksendiri 1

Syoksendiri 2.
sorry u guys have to tahan.
this is wat happens when ur alone most of d time.
the Dome!



Aarti & Julia




the Birthday girl.

Suisse's .. hands.

Suisse & mua

shrimp and chicken diablo.
sister's recomendation.. thanks mei ! it was yummily spicy!!



Happy Birthday Daryl!

TaSing & Daryl & Andrew

Er .. almost everyone ..

Now its everyone! but blur blur

10:13 pm
Thursday, 24 September 2009
Build a home
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Out in the garden where we planted the seeds
There is a tree that's old as me
I climbed the tree to see the world

I held on as tightly as you held onto me

And I built a home
For you
For me

Until it disappeared
From me
From you
8:16 pm
Wednesday, 23 September 2009
Dead Man Talking
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at night, went to watch a play called ..


the play centres around the issue of
donating one's body to science.
The cast? well, they're none other than our
own IMU 3rd Year of Queens, Suisse Lee & Ling Kay Teck! actually its a
Selective Course thats done with other bunch of 3rd years also,
collaborating with drama studies.. so nice! why my year didn't have?? =.=
i almost couldn't go in .. 3 more mins and i'll be locked out the
theatre .. overnapped till i finally read Li Wei's message.
would regret if i missed it!!
sighs.. couldn't take any pictures inside though .. no cameras
allowed. was so frust, cos even the minute i walked in, i
saw a scene worth captured in picture. every scene was
meticulously choreographed ...
in summary, a very interesting&entertaining abstract play.
very broken .. yet together. loved the Kings of Leon,Sex on Fire touch!
there were abit of contemporary dancing througout the whole
play as well! somehow a few of the scenes reminded
me of cheerleading .. hehe.
well, here are the pictures post-performance!
Congratulating the two new stars on their debut! =p

Kay Teck with a flower given by his fan =p

Suisse. keep dodging my cam. chis

modelesque picture of Marissa.

Li Wei look like some TVB actor.

Jeya, self-acclaimed "cannot take proper picture of him
although for 2 years his friends tried".
1st attempt.

5th attempt?
not bad wat!

Suisse was the finale star. there was a Flash
Dance moment when she took the stage last =p

Li Xian! Suisse! Marissa!



Mua with them's!

ok! done with update! goodnight!!

1:24 am
hmm... REJECT!
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seriously in rejection mode for the food here.. think
i enjoyed my time with the wonderful foods
back in Malaysia too much till now, anything i
see here does not appeal to me as much as last time already.
definitely not! reminds me of quickie
lunch to always go back ward ... and so
little selection! technically, its either
meat, seafood or egg mayo.
ohhhh... no way.
plain no way.
can't amount how much of potato i stuffed myself
with during all of 3rd year. chips are
just everywhere!
plain overload. was my comfort food and
"destressor" .. which now i look back, its actually
really unhealthy! will not take away its value. ..
eaten only to be satisfied, not destress! =p
cheese?? yogurt??
what's wrong with me?? they were my favourite
food last time. the cheesier the better ..now i just
feel muak thinking about it ..
err.. obvious! when that word is spoken, i think of
fat spilling, oil spilling, greasy thingies going to
adhere to your stomach wall, causing indigestion.
dangerous things those sausages are ..

& all these are the ones found abundant here.
takes time .. believe me .. to grow accustomed to "food" again ..
i can't be not eating right?
my lunch prepared for today after going TESCO.

cinamon bun & strawberries. they are still in season now (might not be
in a week more) .. so u's UK ppl go grab them strawberries before
they're cleared off! really sweet sweet strawberries .. *daydream*

gimme laksa, har mee, pan mee, kai fan, vinegar pork, or any of
those devillishly delicious food for lunch anytime. guess now i'll just stick
to "what makes me not muak" & anything that lasts me for the day. =.=
1:40 pm
Sunday, 20 September 2009
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i'm already halfway through my psychiatric posting ..
so fast oh! and already 3 weeks later will be my
oral presentation and MCQ. hope all goes well!! being
consistent is not my forte .. slacker procastinator i am..
but i'm trying to change! i am i am! =p

learnt quite alot as i was lucky enough to be attached to a
super nice & keen consultant,Dr. Doherty!! =D
and i also got to see & talk to patients who suffer from mental disorders.
Mainly depression and schizoprenia, lil bit of alcoholic hallucinosis
& bipolar disorder scattered in as well.

quite intimidating how their mind can conjure up
such far-fetched thoughts .. from killing oneself & their family, to
hallucinations of Egyptian Pharoahs dancing outside his/her window, to
delusions of "paramilitaries" out to get them. (ya, somehow this delusion
experienced by alot of the psychiatric patients in Northern Ireland)
so different from how Malaysia is ..i feel lar .. people who do have
these mental disorders are easily discriminated and
labelled .. & ABANDONED. which is quite a sad thing.
but here, when i actually witness how the system
really come together to just help one patient is amazing.
collaboration of social workers, community psychiatric nurses,
the clinical psychiatrists, the homeless hostel .. the family ..

okok! will write my looong case now.
half down .. 1 and half to go. =.=
i feel like its never-ending this process ..
or going ikea soon .. =p

......update : ate Raya food at Tom Fatima's house tonight. had my lemang & curry ..
..........................my dream today is fullfilled!!! *bliss* Thanks for the invite!! =D

9:59 pm
Tuesday, 15 September 2009
nobody knows ...
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Sun been down for days
A winter melody she plays
The thunder makes her contemplate
She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

And She fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
As she goes in a store
With a thought she has caught
By a thread
She pays for the bread
And She goes...
Nobody knows..
12:28 am
Sunday, 13 September 2009
botanic & i ~
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had no plans for today wan.. schedule was,
1 pm help Yanti with her research ..
then go tesco
then go computer lab print stuff ..
then 7pm dinner with some people,
then night time type up my looong case (oops ... =p)
but weather was so incredibly beautiful today! sun was blazing till even
when i'm wearing sunnies, the rays penetrate through and burn my eyes..
*i'm meltingggg..meltinggg ..... .........*
came home ...

grabbed camera ..
(the small one .. should hav taken the gigantic one!)

& sunnies ..
and straight off to botanic gardens!!
always the place to go when the weather's kind ya =)

but of course stopped by my castle ..oops!
i mean main building.. (hehe)
just next to the garden ma..

pretty.. can't believe this is my uni cheh wah

me!! exactly a year ago took this photo and at this exact same spot, ..
tried to reenact it. =p
but camera beza, effect pun beza lar ..

Botanic Gardens..
just took multiple pictures while sipping cold blissful Coke along
the way .. & listening to Korean songs on ipoD..
bliss not?? very bliss lorrrrr.
pictures should do the talking from here..
(alert : random captions may be typed. )

saw some people doing this .. balancing on the rope tied from one tree to another.
is it the "in" thing or something?

lotsa lotsa humans all lying around absorbing the UV rays..
hope these people wore sufficient sunblock!!

Wah .. bunga kertas!

and our national flower!

Rose garden

err.. why got BMW in the park wan leh ..

oo.. no wanda.. wedding in process.
the two lovely brides .. ngek ngek =p

and that ends my short botanic trip in weekend!

yup.. Belfast should be paying me some incentives
lorrr for advertising lidet..

on the way home saw this pretty cutesy convertible ...
parked in the middle of the road!!
wahhh... be smart abit can o not ..
anyways, today really was one of the nicest weather ever
experienced in Belfast. never this warm till can walk around with
spagethi strap shirt. no sireee.. nice Saturday indeed!
tomoro though..