10:18 pm
Monday, 3 August 2009
re-opened chapter, re-opened wound
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actually ... stitches have held my heart together all this while.
the healing process is well on its way where most parts have
bridged and connected back together.
i even haven't cried about that matter for a while already.
but ..
when a phone call comes ... and that chapter re-opened,
it stinged.
talking about it for the hundredth time, revisiting every detail
and making sense of the situation doesn't make it better ..
its too late.
instead, the phone call tore open my stitches all over again
right before my heart truly healed..
acute pain of similiar characteristics and tears came with it..
thankfully and fortunately, the symptoms ended when the call ended.
with the stitches gone, i realised .. i can heal without them already.
yes .. i am happy and contented.
yes .. i feel blessed with what i have now.
but that doesn't mean i am 100% recovered.
this heart is fragile .. and i will do my best to keep it protected.