5:29 pm
Sunday, 9 August 2009
feeling down
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went penang for the weekend to see relatives.
everyone i saw asked me the same dreaded question ..
"when are u leaving back to belfast?"
the fact has been pushed to the back of my head since i got home..
now the day is dawning on me, and there are matters i have to take care of..

1) fix lappie
2) medical check up
3) buy home stuff! (ie. maggie, stationery,etc)
4) buy Oxfords Specialties and .. dunno wat other book (how to get to Kamal's?? )
5) get back my stets from Keat Seong!
6) get hold of my convo mag .....
7) contact junior

yikes.. i dunno wat else..
fact is .. i delay myself to prepare to go back there...
is because the thought of it tells me i AM going to go back soon.
nothing, no one .. will be waiting for me when i reach there ..
soon enough,
i will be awake from this dream.
i will recall that i am back home .. my shield .. on my bed .. in my room .. sound of my sister and mother nearby .. father and friends a drive away..
this 2 month dream will just .. *poof* ..


yet .. i have to pull myself together.
i must survive there.
i will be strong.
i will smile.
i have no choice, right?
right ..?