10:32 am
Sunday, 30 August 2009
alert !!
say something! (3)
a lil update on my situation!
i am safe and alive, breathing with slightly blocked nose at my
humble & pretty room back in belfast.
flight was .. unsurprisingly tiring.
its a warning sign of sleep deprivation when at the end of
the entire ordeal, you get bloodshot eyes and a lazy right eye.
an hour more, i would be having hallucinations. =.=
and i lost one of my luggage.. again!! sigh.. my luck ah.
its a very nerve wrecking feeling to have when u are
standing at the luggage collecting area and waiting on for
your luggage to come but .. u keep waiting & waiting
& everyone's luggage has arrived except for yours.
but all is great now, cos it was finally delivered at my doorstep
next day at noon. coming back to my house here was not how i thought
i'd feel.. i thought i'd be all emo and stuff, but when i entered, the whiff
of familiarness, made me feel the same way i felt a year ago
when i just arrived and not knowing what to expect at all..
i felt at peace.
the house just smells nice. like green corourrr. period.
although myself in this shack, i don't really feel that alone.
well, i say this now. but wait lar! 4-5 weeks of just Caryn won't be easy,
but i know i will be healthy & survivin'! (gambate!) keep myself busy that will do!
been busy just unpacking, cleaning, sorting out my stuff, cleaning,
met up with lin foong and veronica, finishing up my reading, ..
oh! and did i mention cleaning?? hahaha
going to tesco in ... few hours time. will laze around and read
abit first. tomorrow is first day, registration day!!
oh man.. still lazy lazyLAZY!!
someone please snap ya' fingers and
snap snap snap me out of it =p

*Love you miss you like crazeeeee .. *