7:42 pm
Monday, 24 August 2009
3 days.. (impending doom)
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3 more freaking days... gosh..
time flies!!
don't want to go back, feel like jus tying or
handcuffing myself so nobody could tear me away ..,
or hide somewhere until after my flight time so i miss it.
hahaha. yeah, weird thoughts swirls and swims in my mind.
going to miss my room, my family, the weather, the food, the friends ...
and the 2 months holiday has already kicked in in me..
so lazy and reluctant to start class again .. with all the
responsibilites again to study and be good student ...
Lazy lazy lazy!!!!!!

Things left to do before & upon arrival:
*Print stuff
*Buy some stationaries
*Install Sims3 on my laptop
*Eat "banana lim lai"
*Settle my library fine
*Settle internet
*Contact juniors!

By the way .... is this true??

Charming Amorous Reveler Yielding Naughty Kisses and Overwhelming Hugs

ngek ngek*