7:46 pm
Saturday, 4 July 2009
you know..
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you know..
over the course of time, a lot has happened.
major downhills, then followed by some upsides,
and along the way, occasional downsides as well.
from what i know,
people will always talk about other people.
its an occasional routine, though unpleasant.
even the synonyms of it sounds ugly.
gossips, rumours, some turned into lies. or lies created itself.
its frustrating .. out of control ..but one thing's for sure,
is that.. you learn.
boy, do you learn.
you learn ... to trust your true friends.
that they will always stand up for you,
those who actually know you inside out.
you learn ... not to be naive anymore. to just grow up.
you learn ... how words can be daggers.
just got to set up shields to protect yourself.
you learn .. to face pain, heartache, and rage in the eye, and step away..
most importantly,
that as long as you stay true to yourself,
live by your principles in life,
appreciate once and for all the goods around you,
never take anything for granted,
to be a good person, ....
that's enough.
and i know i have.
its a major lesson taught and..

i've learned.
i must.