10:11 pm
Friday, 31 July 2009
lovely lovely reunion!! =D
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its been exactly one whole year since i met again with these few best
friends of mine.. we have definitely come a long way since primary and secondary school.
missed them like crazy .. but finally, a beautiful reunion with them!
our venue = Bubba Gump! and see what's all the hoo-ha about the place.
make way for a flood of pictures!

when you don't want the waiters to kacau u ...

if you want the waiters to layan you..
(actually just wave your hand more effective lorrr)

yes indeed, jeng haw, jay, patrick & jia li!! =p

i really like the food lor..yummyyummy!!
maybe cos i just love shrimps.
this was an assortment of 4 types of shrimps prepared..
1) coconut
2) tempura
3) golden fried
4) salad

cheese baked rice with shrimps and squids!
super cheesy. first 3 bites were heavenly gorgeous! strong cheesy taste.
but too much cheese jadi muak dy... =p

Yeap Sau Meng!


Beh Soo Leng!

Ahmad Aiman!

sigh. selalu bergaduh these 2 friends.. =p

group pic!!!
but then .. the *Dome* lady that ambik the gambar tak tau guna kameraku..
totally off angle, cutting SauMeng one-thirdly .. kesian ..

Head off to my home ..
Sleepover always the best... hehe.
Supposed to watch movie in the living room, but in the end
fb-ing saje and chat till 4.30 am.

oh ya! dan baca majalah-majalah

Scissors, paper, stone.
can you tell??? =p

Wannabes ..
SooLeng looks like supermodel though!
(girl, go for casting wei)

really does feel like old times when 4 of us sit around,
poke fun,
talk about 5 Balau ..
and just be ourselves!
till next time again, another reunion soon k,
and another sleepover...
pretty please??