6:19 pm
Saturday, 18 July 2009
lion - pore
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2nd time around going to singapore,
this time with my sister and father.
first time was quite a number of years ago.
my conclusion = 100x upgraded version of malaysia!

at mrt station in the airport.
mrt is so efficient.
every 5 mins sharp.
got east side, north side..
basically goes to all the areas of singapore.

dad trying to look busy.

some 'figurines' at the orchard road.
probably stands for "work work work!"

angry red hot man reading world news

had lunch at Food Republic.
ate the famous prawn laksa.

sister's friend, whos studying there jumped along the trip.
went to night safari,
but all the pictures taken there were too blur and shaky.
too dark!

clarke quay at night, most happening place in singapore.
collection of many clubs, bars, restaurants and fine dining.
quite cool oh

had thai food for dinner!
forgotten the name of the restaurant..
emo thai or something ..hhaaha

photo with my dad.. finally!

G-Max? is that what its called??
looks really scary.. like a yo yo!
can see the screen next to it?
they're actually recording them at the same time, their reactions and limbs
flinging about as they are flung up.

breakfast time,
dad looks garang right .. eek

before that went to vivo city, shopping mall.
they have a new place which i feel is the best attraction yet,
National Geographic!
then after that, spent the whole saturday at sentosa island.
heard so much about it from james last time
and i agree with him! =p

siloso beach, with hot hunks and chun babes playing volleyball.
resisted from stalking them with the camera.. hehe
probably got 20+ volleyball courts set up across the beach.

going towards Merlion.
odd looking fountains along the way.

"he,..he... i'm not scared..
no i'm not .. "

its like the ones u see..when you want to go skiing
and sit to go up the mountain.
i almost dropped my slipper into the jungle while
i was up there though..

hang on tight!

at night, watched a performance called
Song of the Sea ..
really jaw dropping some parts.
if u look closely, theres a guy on the left,
like commanding to the waters.
okok, i will stop there.
will not be too spoiler..!

jo erh and her favourite flower..
checked out of the hotel and headed to bugis, another shopping heaven!

got to have lunch with gary and catch up before
leaving for home sweet home..
we had ..

.. Mos burger!
its a japanese burger.
mine was seafood sandwiched with japanese rice (pseudobuns)
malaysia don't have .. yet!

eee .. i want to go back to singapore again..
especially after today , cos i went to kl
and to lala land.
'nuff said..
gosh.. so big difference. =.=
but home will forever be home!