6:44 pm
Wednesday, 29 July 2009
say something! (2)
when i was in primary school,
teachers always complain of
me being the daydreamer.
i could daydream for hours till end.
the naive girl who didn't want to grow up.
but still wondered about ... how its like,
finding my prince.
and finding my romance.
and yet, .. even when i'm all grown up,
i was still as naive as ever.
still an idealist .. but now, in a realists' world.
seeing rainbows and stars,
pouring my everything,
seeing the best in anyone,
full of hope,
full of faith.

but ...
when your first ever love breaks your heart,
and soon thereafter losing a best friend ..
it ripped that part of me,
without any delay.
like a painful plaster.
and leaves me .....

grew more cynical a friend said..
i couldn't care less about anything anymore.
i even had nightmares regularly, with the scenes distorted..
replaying over and over again.
waking up in delirium, in sweat, in tears & out of breath..
with skepticism and blackness, i faced the outside world day by day.

but ..
time has passed indefinitely..
even nutcracker prince came along.
time & prince brought back little by little, of *me* again.
and warded off the negativity that clutched me.
my heart.. once again learned to smile.
once again breath.
once again ..

i missed u,
idealistic me.