6:23 pm
Thursday, 9 July 2009
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it has been a busy & fullfilling week! from going up to seremban to spending my day with dear dear. just went up to seremban for mere 2 days (not enough!) but glad i did!! it was really nice to meet everyone there.. m106 still the best funnest batch ever. now they are amidst of tonnes of work, and exams coming up soon for them.. (gambate u guys!!) finally understood how extremely busy they all are. some would even go back in evening till night to finish clerking for next day's early morning ward round or case presentation! it was that crazy. but i know you guys can pull through! we (m106) are made of steel! roar~
went to ortho ward, obs ward, and paeds ward. paeds rocks!! love the babies.. but kesian them also so helpless and sick .. got to actually see Ondine syndrome ( where you have to be awake to breathe) and weather wasnt so hot! it was cooling that 2 days.
its exceptionally great to get to meet aaron finally after so long, & catch up & talk & talk for hours to end. it really feels like old times! nicee...

thanks to aaron for being such a good host, though he's been such a busy bee as well with research work, designing, ( choose the cracky or the calligraphic front cover wan!) studies, and life itself.. and arranging pick me up from ktm! thanks to rachel too for letting me bunk in her room, and waking me up the next morning for paeds ward round (though i seriously 99% don't want to wake up!!) and lending me her lab coat for the day.. thnk i dirtied it abit though .. =.=

watched SYTYCD on aaron's laptop while everyone
was taking nap in student lounge before the next class.
abit of something from Mia Michaels.
gosh.. love her work! all the dancers are wearing tattoos on their faces btw..
so cool.. ~