11:43 am
Thursday, 11 June 2009
post exam
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exam ended for me yesterday. pls pls pls pass... =(
would i say it was a greatest relief? err... not right after lar.. cos i thought osce was quite crap.. also cos i am so so shit and geram with one of the station!! the station was fluid prescription, and the examiner kept delaying me.. i only have 5 minutes, limited time, to calculate everything and prescribe lor.. stop asking me what am i doing and explain to you what i am doing when you are breathing down my neck, looking at me calculating and i am clearly rushing to calculate the fluid, potassium and sodium he needs, and have to write in the fluid chart some more.. didn't even complete the chart.. argH~!!!!! You, Black circuit station 5 lady, you watch out.. =(

just went with few of my year's people for quickie dinner at TGIF =D

my first meal aft exam.
it was so-so...

daryl and ayomide.

lin foong and veronica



and the guy in red-chee kit

that makes a bunch of us.

then at night, went to ta-sing's and veronica's place for a while, and chatted with huiteng till it was time to go home. thanks ta sing and veronica for walking us 3 damsels back home.
our bodyguards..haha
streamed and watch movie on this new Korean and Jap drama website huiteng told me about. probably been around for so long, but then only now i found out about it..hehe. ulu..


watched 2 movies and few eps of So You think you can Dance Australia (US wan better of course..). one of the movies, Speed Scandal highly recommended!! So ..so... so.... CUTE and funny!!

in love with the sweet story. and the cute little boy.. feel like wrapping him up and giving him to myself as a present.. =D please please watch it ok. i will provide the link.

nah, jus click that wan-----------------> SPEEDY SCANDAL

ok, now you are ready to watch!
enjoy! tell me about it k!
watched movies and episodes till the break of dawn, serious. till it was bright when i went to sleep. aih.... feels nice with no guilt feeling to have to study and stress..