11:18 pm
Saturday, 30 May 2009
when i'm stressed..
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when i'm stressed...

..i get exhiliratingly happy... then drop to a low.
..i cry.
..i make very unladylike ugly noises.
..i strir up weird thoughts in my head.
..i need to feel like i know things although i don't know anything (someone crushed that today..)
..i write a blog post. (be it in draft form or for the public to see)
..i get migraines.
..i just want to sleep 24 hours of the time.
..i say things i don't mean.
..i hurt people..
..i make myself more stress by doing unneccasry things like blogging right now. i've already minused 5 minutes writing this post.
..i become very .. "ticky"
..i feel like i can't breathe sometimes. feel like someone's sitting on my chest when i wake up..
..i have dreams .. that make me wake up and wish i was still in the dream..
..i feel the need for someone to save me.

conclusion is, stress sucks.
big time.