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Thursday, 14 May 2009
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Back from derry dy!!

Suppose to go to some far far clinic today,(Omagh) but i skipped anyway.. tried my very best to get my case, my log sheet and attendance and everything signed by yesterday.. and i must say, i have never felt so thick-skinned and driven after yesterday!! was stuck in clinic from 9am to 5pm. afternoon suposedly is "Queen's afternoon" or Sports day . which means Wednesdays afternoons shouldn't have teachings and should go to the gym! (seriousss) since yesterday afternoon all of us were off, i persisted to go to the outpatients clinic.. (i just needed one signature!! th optometrist won't sign for me..geram!) the nurses were looking at me weirdly, asking why am i here, cos no schedules for students.. and Dr Mulholland, who looked really busy that time, said it was a retina clinic, so its very specialised and super alot of people! very busy clinic oh, can see every possible chair in the outpatients filled with eye patients.. so he dumped me into Eye Casualty... and at the end of the day, got my signature! but she wouldn't sign for my attendance.. cos she just an SHO... so i had to hunt for Dr Mulholland again. lucky he was kind enough to sign it.. if not, i would have to go to a faraway place again today!! rushed to pack my stuff, return accomodation key and catch the bus at 6pm. phew.. i realise though i HATE sitting long bus rides dy... felt so nauseous and headachy during the journey.. lucky it was 2 hours only.
good points of derry:-

1) derry's accomodation quite nice, room quite small, but very clean and neat! and new! (aiya i didnt take picture of the room) and got alot of mirrors in the room wan.. on the study table, right opposite it is a super big mirror as big as LD wide screen tv. walau.. while studying, its like can see my reflection truout the night.. dam weird.. n distracting (hoohoo) had to cover it with towel aft tat. and there's a long mirror too in the closet, and another mirror above the sink. the room designer must be quite SS too =p

2) and i found pseudoSlurpeee in the tesco nearby! tesco there is massive, but i just rushed there to get essential stuff then balik. on the way there got a very nice tunnel though, full of beautiful grafiti and murals... felt wasted cos didnt bring camera with me.. oh well.

3) got to study ABIT more than usual.. though still not fast enough. shit! i dam scared going to pee in my pants edi!! exam soon dy... roar... i just want to pass, always get this feeling of impending doom when exams draw closer.. but there will be abit of time to study between the papers..(more like flip tru) though exam from june 1 to june 10, got 1 clinical paper, then 2 patho paper and 2 days of OSCE ( have to cover EVERYTHING) .. but its quite spread out.. lesss stress kuaaa.....

4) bluff me.. not scary also the place. a senior and my housemates were scaring me, sayingg the place is haunted and stuff, and they hear... stuff. and the corridor very long.. turns out ok wat.. i staying at the end of the long corridor some more. but 1am went to toilet to pee also no problem. i think i quite immune to scary "ghost" stuff.. am always in a hunt for good horror movies too.. the scarier the better. will feel syok after that. hehe. am i weird? =.=

feeling of coming bak home is the nicest warmest feeling... had a parcel from my family, card from angel, and gift from my lovely friends (thank you sooleng,aiman,saumeng,wyjin,sukjiun..) i wil use it wel. hahaha! and i received my MSK case report assessment!! so proud for my feedback (beambeambeam*) i thought i simply did the report only lorr... that one truly shoot my mood up! jumping up n down like a lil girl. hehe.
thankyou to my lovely housemates as well.. had a mini surprise that exploded with hapiness...
i thought my birthday over dy?? =.= hehe.will update pics n stuff one day lar..

sorry for the random ramblings... feel like grandma now. =p