8:30 pm
Tuesday, 14 April 2009
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Back from Amsterdam they are..(lovely housemates)
Souvenirs i was given...

Lovely tulips bookmark.. & ..

adorable mini clogs.
feel like starting collection on this!

my fav of the collection..
say "hi", Miffy....

really very cute & tiny ohh..
see.. smaller than my thumb.
wonder where i can find a soft toy of Miffy..

studying studying.. boring nyer...
can't wait for exam to be over...
hope everything turns out ok.. seriously very worried.
its like a big big EOS all over again.. everyone seem to be doing end of posting exam, but the system changed last year, where my housemates were the guinea pigs. i am sample guinea pig No.2..
sigh sigh

but nothing beats a once in a blue moon break from it all.. in Starbucks.
*Mango passion fruit...*
should consider studying there too..hmm..

allocations for 4th year placements already submitted..!! *check!!*
everyone seem to be doing Psych lar,GP lar, Obs n Gynae n Paeds lar this semester,... but i'm only starting during my 4th year. terbalik pulak.