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Thursday, 30 April 2009
Birthday babies
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Birthday dedication to a few specials, birthday babies turned 22 on their special days... =)

Beh Soo Leng..

Koh Mui How
James Brennan Wong Pak Guan

Best friend since secondary school..
That's us in form 5, during DJ Carnival, making smoothies.. hehe

The last picture with her before i left for Belfast..

sweetest and most caring girl anyone wil ever meet..
sorry! she's taken already tho. =p


missing them so so much since our separation..
this was taken during our last road trip.
me hugging my son and his husband getting all jealous.. =p

weirdest "mother-son" conection between us (having same surname and all, tats why always sit in front of me during exam and nex station to me during OSCE, still remember hearing him reciting to Htin Aung spine examination while i'm next door stressfully answering at the answer station..!! hehehe.), but ultimately he's wiser, more matured and stronger than me..

"he ain't heavy.. he's my son.."

super like to ss with me, full of life jamesy..
always there when i'm crying my eyes out and being all emo.. successfully makes me smile again over and over without fail, no matter how beaten down and low i was.. =D
i duno how he does it!

looking forward..
here we are, all at other ends of the earth.. with warmth in my heart n tummy always. second family tats where they stand..
*fingers crossed i get to come to NZ for summer.. if not, nx year elective ya!!!*
and yes Soo Leng, i'll be seeing u in 2 months time! =)

lastly, a birthday song ..

Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to Mui How, James, & Soo Leng..
Happy Birthday to u..