10:55 pm
Saturday, 4 April 2009
binge binge binge!!!!
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Easter is here!!
and somehow when weekend comes especially this holiday, our house have a craving for good food. think its coz of weeks of budget meals when we're having classes. as long as can fill stomach and sustain for rest of the day, can dy.
Our first indulgence is a healthy approach....
(clear the heatinesss)

(Seremban+KL wrapping skill vs Ipoh+PJ wrapping skill)


Yes, i did contribute my culinary skills...hehe
(boiling wantons)

concentrating face...

Yummy vege..

Very "cheng cheng"right?

Jiali was away for posting, leaving me to the 3 carnivores. =.=
Next indulgence.. pizza! And it was Monday Madness at 4 Star Pizza, meaning buy1 get 1 free. *beam*
Cannot resist eh..
Result = 4 massive pizzas for 3 boys n 1 girl.
.'. 1 pizza = 1 human
Great deal, for me at least. pizza lasted me for 2 day's worth of dinner.

BBQ chicken! best part is.. plus bacon.

See the twinkle in Pat's eye..

Ecstasy in Jeng Haw's smile..

& me tearing the pizza up..

And my most favourite indulgence of all...

SUSHI !!!!

Jay caught stealing a bite. Naughty!

mashing up the tuna + mayo for..

the first sushi of the night
(lonely lil thing u..)

Our only vege in the menu, cucumbers (not to forget...seaweed =p)

even JiaLi getting nervous..*gulps*

Ta-da!! Our end product...
Seriously, sushi fest.
Ingredients for sushi?

Lots of tuna..(actually too much of it), crabsticks, ham, ready cooked mini prawns, smoked salmon..(all courtesy of Tesco..)

and 5 cups of rice.
Jap rice = Normal rice + vinegar + salt+ tonnes&tonnes of sugar

definitely fun making them. =)

The ones who stole the show..
Yup, they got all of my attention that night... Couldn't tear my eyes and paws from them..
Hands down, my ecstasy =p

Super "chai" after the dinner though.
Next indulgence...
plan again when these lovely housemates of mine get back from their Amsterdam trip.
Have fun at red light district.. !!
(don't miss me too much Jia Li..pulled into testosterone pool)