4:01 pm
Saturday, 7 March 2009
Malaysian Night
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Malaysian night is approaching.. just 6 days away. all of us are just harvesting every ounce of energy we possiblhave to make this work. At the same time, finding time to finish up my case report each week and studying my lectures (supposedly do up 3 systems this week lorrr.....) .. And breathing too.

Amidst all this, i remembered the first time we met up with Benjamin Lee Shao Vee, interrogate him about Malaysian Night prep.. he said it'd be the preparations along the way that make us feel proud to be part of this.

The people who are keeping everything going & going.. (pictures courtesy of P.C. Wan's camera)

P.C. keeping us all afloat.. seriously what would we do without him?? (Secretary)

Charming Ing Ni pulling in sponsors (Vice Prez)

Crunching our numbers & keeping us in budget Julian (Treasurer)

PR director Jiat getting tix number shooting up! (Logistics Dir.)

Persistent and "no such thing as cannot" Lin Foong *looks abit like u mei..!!* (Vice Treasurer)

Kent, venue coordinator, middle person & "can book elms function room ar?"hehe.
(Events Coordinator)

Me : trying ...

to be taichi master

or aerobic teacher


see kajen! min! tak tentu arah pose also reached belfast =p

Malaysian Night 2009,
no matter wat happens.. yes, i'm glad i'm a part of this.